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Custom-Designed Tree Management Solutions

Effective tree management is essential for maintaining ecological balance, ensuring public safety, and complying with environmental regulations

In the specialised field of arboriculture, effective tree management is essential for maintaining ecological balance, ensuring public safety, and complying with environmental regulations. map16 stands at the forefront of delivering bespoke Tree Management solutions, tailored to meet the unique requirements of every client. With map16, you're not just getting a generic system; you're getting a solution designed specifically for you, with bespoke design as a standard feature and no additional setup costs.

Simplifying Tree Management

BS5837 Compliant Systems

Our Tree Management solution fully complies with the BS5837 specification, ensuring that your management practices meet the highest standards for tree care and preservation. Visualise crown spread at four cardinal points to accurately depict the extent of tree canopies, whether for individual trees, woodlands, or significant tree groups. Our mapping interface also enables the visualisation of root protection areas, enhancing your tree protection strategies.

Mobile Collection Made Simple

Boost survey efficiencies with our intuitive mobile app. Designed for the arboriculture professional on the go, our app combines easy functionality with increased productivity. Capture all necessary tree data, work offline in any location, and sync when a connection is available. From mapping new tree assets to collecting inspection records and documenting works carried out, our mobile solution streamlines your tree management process.

Web Dashboard for Live Reporting

Gain invaluable insights with our arboricultural dashboard, which consolidates asset and inspection data in a map-based view. Decision-makers have access to all relevant facts in one place, with smart visualisation tools that categorise trees based on maturity, height, canopy size, condition, and environmental factors. This comprehensive perspective aids in making informed decisions. Create custom reports to streamline communication and focus on key areas, leveraging map16’s reporting tools to maximise efficiency.

Key Features of Our Tree Management Solution

Tailored to Your Needs

A fully customisable solution that addresses the specific challenges of the arboriculture industry, ensuring your tree management practices are precise, efficient, and effective.

Increased Survey Productivity

With our mobile app, data collection is streamlined, allowing for comprehensive tree asset management even in remote locations.

Comprehensive Data Visualisation

Our web dashboard presents a holistic view of your tree assets, enabling strategic decision-making with advanced reporting and visualisation capabilities.

Proactive Health and Safety Measures

map16's Tree Management solution incorporates advanced features designed to proactively address health and safety concerns associated with tree maintenance. By enabling early detection of potential hazards, such as diseased, damaged, or structurally unsound trees, our system ensures timely interventions. This not only helps in preserving the health of the trees but also significantly reduces the risk of accidents or damage to property, safeguarding public safety and mitigating liability for landowners and municipalities.

Transforming Tree Management

With thousands of trees mapped and inspections conducted, map16's Tree Management solution has proven to be an invaluable asset for the arboriculture industry. Our commitment to bespoke design and advanced technology ensures that your tree management regimes are not only compliant with industry standards but also optimised for efficiency and effectiveness.


With our innovative approach, you gain the tools and insights required to excel in arboriculture management.

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