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Gully Maintenance: Advanced Drainage Mapping & Management Solutions

map16 presents a comprehensive solution designed to streamline the management of your drainage network

Our system transforms the complexity of gully maintenance into a simplified, data-driven process, enabling you to view your entire asset network, live inspections, and historical data through bespoke dashboards. Automate the creation of digital tipping logs, monitor team progress, and achieve operational excellence by adhering to KPIs—all designed to increase revenue by fostering a smarter operation.

map16's Gully Maintenance solution addresses THREE main problems

Operational Inefficiency and Data Fragmentation

Traditional gully maintenance methods often involve manual data collection and paper-based records, leading to inefficiencies and fragmented information. map16’s mobile collection and web dashboard centralise and digitise data management, enabling seamless synchronisation of county-wide datasets and providing live field updates. This dramatically reduces the need for office-based interaction and streamlines the yearly maintenance process.

Lack of Real-Time Insight and Proactive Maintenance

Without real-time data, managing a comprehensive and proactive gully maintenance strategy is challenging. map16’s solution offers live mapping, inspections, and historical data access through bespoke dashboards. This enables more informed decision-making, allowing for proactive rather than reactive maintenance approaches based on up-to-date asset information and conditions.

Ineffective Utilisation of Resources and Compliance with Standards

Ensuring efficient use of resources and adherence to maintenance standards can be a burden without a tailored system. map16’s custom-designed gully maintenance solution integrates risk-based approaches and gully sensor data, prioritising maintenance activities based on actual need and risk factors. This optimises resource allocation, ensures compliance with environmental and safety standards, and enhances overall operational efficiency.

The map16 Advantage

  • Simplify the process of managing and scheduling tasks related to the upkeep of drainage systems. map16's mobile solution synchronises county-wide datasets to every device with a one-time setup, allowing for continuous operation. Custom map visualisations provide teams with key information live in the field, significantly reducing the need for office interaction and streamlining the gully maintenance cycle.

  • map16 dashboards automate and simplify the workflow. Access key operational reports, live KPI updates, and crew productivity with day-by-day totals at the click of a button. All defect reports are readily accessible via one-click download or can be delivered through an automated daily email, ensuring you have all the necessary information to make informed decisions.

  • Beyond gully maintenance, our system is equipped to manage all drainage assets, including catchpits, soakaways, weir kerbs, and more. Each asset can be linked to mapped linear drainage features, offering the most detailed overview of your network and facilitating routine cleansing with unparalleled precision.

  • Optimise your gully maintenance strategy with a risk-based approach informed by accurate data. Integrate environmental risk data, silt levels, elevation models, and insurance claims to prioritise, optimise, and reduce operational costs effectively.

  • Recognising that every contract has unique requirements, map16 designs a bespoke system for every client, ensuring that our solution addresses your specific challenges. Our tailored approach enables unmatched efficiencies, solving everyday problems with innovative, customised solutions.

  • Enhance your gully management system with live gully sensor data integration. This feature allows for real-time reaction to sensor outputs, facilitating proactive cleansing program based on actual sensor data, and adding cleansing records against gullies equipped with sensors for preemptive maintenance.

Standard Wastewater Monitor

The map16 standard wastewater monitor has been designed in-house to utilise the latest cellular technology. The custom-designed electronics allow us to maximise battery life, signal strength and reliability.

  • In-house designed technology

  • Focused on cost reductions

  • Measure the water level in the channel

  • Sample every 15min send every 1hr, 3hr,6hr, 12hr. Or on a trigger point.

  • 300mm to 7000mm deep installs.

  • Less than 10 min installs

  • 5+ Years of battery life

  • No maintenance is required

  • IP68 Rated

Easy Installation

  • Less than 10min install

  • Removal bar when cleaning

  • map16’s next level install software

All our wastewater monitors are designed for super easy installation. Less than 10 mins on site. A single bracket that allows the monitor to be easily removed if manhole cleaning is required.The dynamic install method allows the monitor to be installed in diverse manhole types, making a greater success rate. The instant feedback from the device allows installing teams to monitor data. Enabling positional changes to be made if required.

Visualise Monitor Locations

View all monitors and analyse sensor locations through interactive filters and map views. Simple easy to navigate and designed from a users perspective. Key metrics showing;

  • Signal Quality

  • Data Quality

  • Monitor Status

  • Alert Status

Allows the user to quickly and easily manage their monitors on large-scale installation projects

Real-time Status Updates

View live monitor levels in a clear timeline format. See changes over time in exactly how your manholes are behaving. Detailed manhole information includes;

  • Live Level Readings – Timeline and Table Form

  • % Full Readings

  • Manhole Health Visuals

  • Blockage Monitoring

map16 in Numbers


Assets Managed


Inspections Collected

269,109+ km

Highway Managed

Achievements in Gully Maintenance

map16's Gully Maintenance solution stands as a testament to our commitment to advancing drainage network management through technology and data-driven insights.

map16's Gully Maintenance solution is your key to unlocking a new era of efficiency, accuracy, and strategic decision-making in drainage network management. By integrating our advanced mapping, inspection, and management tools into your operations, you gain the insights and capabilities needed to maintain optimal drainage system performance.

Discover how map16 can transform your gully maintenance strategy by contacting us below.

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